Consul Neowatt is the No 1 industrial grade Servo stabilizer manufacturer supplier in India. They pride themselves with over 100,000 installations of air cooled and oil cooled servo voltage stabilizers for both balanced and unbalanced loads in a range from 3 to 3500 KVA. They offer a range of models for both the indoor and outdoor applications.Features and Benefits
No potentiometer adjustments
All parameters can be modified using the keypad in the front panel
Set input voltage band
Set output voltage
Set output voltage sensitivity
Output over / under voltage cut-off
Input over voltage / under voltage cut-off
Over load cut-off
Trip time delay adjustments with variable setting
Opto isolated motor driven control
Manual and auto start facility
Common control card - any capacity
Output start and stop facility
Fully micro control function
Generator compatibility
Both outdoor and indoor models
True RMS sensing without control transformer for output and input
Servo Voltage Stabilizer Specification
The Capacity rated of Servo Voltage stabilizer is 3-350KVA and Then input voltage Range of Single phase circuit is 1:295 V-465V, two phase circuitrange is 2:340V-480V and then three phasecircuit range is 3:360V-460V.If other ranges as per customer requirements. The output voltage should be provided 380/400/415V+1%set on the input frequency is 47-53Hz.This are basic speciation of Servo voltage stabilizerElectronic over & under voltage trip with time delay for input & outputElectronic overload protection and short circuit protection upto 30 KVA through MCB and the Manual bypass is built in. Above 30 KVA MCB/MCCB is an optional.
Surge Arrester/RF suppressor (OPTIONAL)
Phase reversal protection and cut off
Single phase prevention and cut off
Neutral failure protection
Frequency cut off protection
Earth neutral voltage cut off protection
Natural air cooled upto 150 KVA & Forced air cooled above 150 KVA
Operating Temperature is 0-45c
Consul Neowatt provides customized products based on the industrial products. They also provide customers with different servo Product types isolation, ultra isolation and etc. K-rated transformers for various applications in a range from 3 ‚Äď 1000 KVA.
Being the No 1 Servo Stabilizer company in India, our objective is to give customers peace of mind and new 5 Year Warranty on servo stabilizers is a move in that direction, it represents a paradigm shift of looking at things, from short-term revenue generation through AMC to a longer term perspective of customer satisfaction and consequently higher repeat and reference business.